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April 2024 Private Performance Thumbnail

April 2024 Private Performance

April marked the first market correction since October 2023, with the S&P 500 and NASDAQ-100 both experiencing declines. Despite these headwinds, our private investments demonstrated resilience. BPIF continued its positive streak, while BREIT and Global Cities increased their dividends, providing steady income for our clients. Carlyle and Blackstone's funds showed positive growth, and the Priority Income Fund raised its dividend significantly. Amid the public market downturn, our private investments offered stability and income growth, helping to balance our portfolios against the volatility.

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March 2024 Private Performance Thumbnail

March 2024 Private Performance

In light of global uncertainties and a volatile market landscape, this blog explores the stabilizing potential of private funds amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions and economic fluctuations. We delve into how private equity, real estate, and credit sectors have performed robustly despite challenges, providing investors with a blend of higher returns, lower volatility, and non-correlation with public markets. Particularly notable is the performance of private credit funds and the strategic resilience of private real estate investments.

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Finding the Income Sweet Spot: Navigating the Medicare Premium Puzzle Thumbnail

Finding the Income Sweet Spot: Navigating the Medicare Premium Puzzle

Discover the secret to optimizing your retirement income and avoiding steep Medicare premiums. Our in-depth guide explores the "income sweet spot" – a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of retirement planning. Learn how strategic financial decisions can help you navigate the complexities of Medicare premiums, ensuring a comfortable and cost-effective retirement. From Roth conversions to smart investment strategies, we cover everything you need to keep your healthcare costs in check without sacrificing your lifestyle. Dive into our latest post to unlock the secrets of successful retirement planning.

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Navigating Tax-Smart Giving in 2024: A Guide for Philanthropic Conversations Thumbnail

Navigating Tax-Smart Giving in 2024: A Guide for Philanthropic Conversations

In the ever-evolving tax landscape of 2024, discovering ways to integrate charitable giving into your financial strategy can lead to significant tax savings while making a meaningful impact. This guide explores the nuances of tax-smart philanthropy, illustrating through client scenarios how strategic charitable contributions can benefit both the donor and the recipient. From leveraging appreciated stocks to optimizing IRA distributions for charity, we uncover the potential of philanthropic planning in a high-interest economy.

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February 2024 Private Performance Thumbnail

February 2024 Private Performance

In the early months of 2024, the financial markets have painted a picture of contrasts: the public markets, with the S&P and NASDAQ-100 experiencing surges over 5%, suggest a robust year ahead, while the fixed income sector faces accelerated losses. This backdrop sets the stage for the strategic potential of private investments—private equity, real estate, and credit sectors—that offer the allure of higher returns, lower volatility, and non-correlation to public markets. Through examining the performance of private funds against this volatile market landscape, we underscore the importance of diversification and strategic investment in navigating the complexities of today's financial environment, highlighting how private investments can serve as a cornerstone for building a resilient and growth-oriented portfolio.

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