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Comprehensive Financial Planning

For Individuals & Families

Helping You Stay on Track to Accomplish Your Goals

In serving individuals and families, we strive to find opportunities within your wealth picture and align every aspect of your finances with your family’s goals. Whether you’re facing a life transition or you’re simply looking to enhance your investment strategy, we can help.

Our Services

Investment Management Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 9M Investments

Investment Management

Starting with your risk tolerance and a timeline of your goals, 9M Investments will manage your investments according to your personal investment policy statement. We’ll work with you to manage your investments in a tax friendly approach and see that they remain in line with your goals.

Retirement Planning Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 9M Investments

Retirement Planning

Helping your family manage cash flow needs, minimizing taxes along the way. We will help manage the investments consistent with your risk level and return objective towards a lifetime of assets and income.

College Planning Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 9M InvestmentsImage Caption

College Planning

College costs are rising every year, and there are significant cost differences between public and private schools. 9M Investments will help you come up with a detailed plan to support your kids or grandkids in their higher education pursuits.

Goal Setting Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 9M Investments

Goal Setting

Whether you're ready to buy that RV or have yearly travel planned, 9M Investments will show you how it affects your plan. Building financial plans based on your situation, business buyouts, gifting, or any other financial goals. We help you use tax smart strategies to live your best life.

Insurance Planning Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 9M Investments

Insurance Planning

Insurance is the cornerstone of any robust financial plan. 9M Investments offers life, disability and long-term care insurance analysis to safeguard your loved ones.

Estate & Tax Planning Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 9M Investments

Estate & Tax Planning

Building and protecting your estate requires in-depth planning. From income taxes to capital gains taxes, the tax code is full of taxes that can "draw down" to distribution. 9M Investments will work to make your plan as efficient as the current law allows.

Developing a Comprehensive Financial Plan To Support Your Evolving Life

We see your finances as a tool to live your life with ease, joy and preparedness. Our objective is to help you define the goals you have for you and your family—and work closely with you over the years to help you reach them.

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