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October 2023 Private Performance Thumbnail

October 2023 Private Performance

In a challenging October for investors, private credit and private real estate proved to be resilient assets, offering protection against inflation and delivering impressive dividends. Learn how these investments outshined traditional indexes and provided a non-correlation effect for portfolios.

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September 2023 Private Performance Thumbnail

September 2023 Private Performance

In September's volatile market, private investments demonstrated resilience, outshining public counterparts. iDirect PMF had strong growth, while Blackstone's BREIT and Nuveen GC REIT, despite minor dips, outperformed public benchmarks. Private credit, especially Blackstone and Carlyle funds, showcased remarkable returns above 10%. Contrastingly, major public indices like S&P (-4.87%) and NASDAQ-100 (-5.0%) faced significant declines. These non-correlated investments provide stability amid market turbulence, making them vital for diversified portfolios. For those seeking stability, these assets offer a secure refuge in uncertain times.

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August 2023 Private Performance Thumbnail

August 2023 Private Performance

Discover August's winning investment strategies in our latest blog post. Private equity investments take the spotlight as we delve into the unique iDirect Private Markets Fund, with impressive returns of 2.02% in July and a 5.98% gain for the year. Explore the resilient world of Real Estate Investment Trusts, with Blackstone's BREIT maintaining its winning streak, and Nuveen GC REIT outperforming the volatile public market. Finally, get insights into the thriving private credit space, where Carlyle and Blackstone's BCRED shine with notable returns. Stay informed and make informed investment decisions by reading our full blog post today

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August 2023 ETF Investment Flows Thumbnail

August 2023 ETF Investment Flows

Explore the August ETF Investment Flows in this comprehensive video analysis. Discover which ETFs emerged as winners, the reasons behind significant outflows, and the surprising twists that shaped the market.

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July 2023 Private Performance Thumbnail

July 2023 Private Performance

Discover the latest private performance numbers for July and gain insights into the success of different private sectors in 9M Investments' client portfolios. Learn about impressive returns from iDirect Private Markets Fund and Blackrock Private Investments Fund. Dive into the REITs' strong performance, outshining the public REIT index despite market challenges. Explore the thriving private credit space and its advantages in a changing interest rate environment. Find out how these private investments could contribute to a smoother portfolio in the coming months.

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July 2023 ETF Investments Flows Thumbnail

July 2023 ETF Investments Flows

Discover July's ETF flows and market trends! Equities surge with $53 billion inflow, outpacing fixed income. Cryptocurrencies continue to rise, while short-duration fixed income faces outflows. Stay informed and make informed investment decisions with our market insights.

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