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March 2023 Private Performance Thumbnail

March 2023 Private Performance

March performance numbers are in and it was a rough month for the real estate funds. Both were down over 1% on the month. Although the performance was down, there is a bright side to these investments. The down month was due interest rate hedges that were down. Beyond that, both funds were still producing like they should, and the outlook for both funds remain strong. Private credit has continued to perform like we would expect. With the recent banking scare, there could be even more demand for the credit space as banks pull back from mid-market companies. Here is 9M Investment's private investment performance for March.

Year to Date
Annualized Dividend Rate
Blackstone's REIT1
Nuveen Global Cities REIT2
Blackstone Private Credit3

For reference, for the year through the end of March, the S&P was up 7%, the NASDQ was up 16.8%, and the AGG(Bond Index) is up 2.71% on the year.. As markets have continued to be volatile, private investments can help smooth out the ups and downs. We can talk further if this is a strategy that you think could help support your overall portfolio construction. 

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