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Goal check time Thumbnail

Goal check time

2017 Running Goals:

Run 800 total miles
Run 3 times a week
18 races
2:00 Half Marathon
25:00 5K
Run a 10K

Running has been a passion of mine for the last six years. Beyond the obvious health benefits, it is also a place where goal setting has been vital in my improvement. Having goals in the only way to win at retirement planning too.

For me having long range goals like total miles is good to have, because I know if I want to hit it, I can’t cheat. Very much like your long saving goal of retirement. It can be a daunting number, but also a great motivator to jump in and get those miles early and often. Setting stretch goals are also important. In 2016, I ran the most miles I’ve run at 708, so I set my goal for 2017 at 800. I also do stretch goals with race times. Even if I fall short hopefully I still get that PR.

Short Term Goals

Shorter term goals are also important if I want to hit those long-range goals. Running 3 times a week and running 18 races in a year is how it has happened for me. In terms of retirement savings, it’s 10-15% going into your 401k every pay check or the yearly goal of X amount dollars going to work for you.

Checking in with your goals on a regular basis is a must. Racing is a great way to evaluate where you stand. In racing it doesn’t matter how you feel or how humid it was (big factor for me), the timing chip spits out a time and it’s on the interwebs FOREVER. Thankfully we don’t have to show our investment totals on facebook or the gram. But you do want to make sure to stay involved and ask questions of your advisor. Did my investment do what they were supposed to? Did they move with the market with the level of risk I had? Did my risk change?

So, How Did I Do On My 2017 Goals?

Check, passed 800 miles in October and readjusted the goal to 1000 miles. It will be close!

Check, run 3 times a week seems simple enough, but it also means no injuries. That hasn’t always been easy in my past. But staying up on the massage and chiropractor adjustments has meant no injuries and staying consistent. Therefore, I’m most proud about this one with a couple of weeks left.

18 races didn’t happen, but I did run in 9 with one more to go this weekend. That's the most I’ve done in one year. I did knock out run a 10K too, running 3 this year.

2-hour half didn’t happen. I did lower my PR by 8 minutes, I’m headed in the right direction.

25 min 5K didn’t happen. It was very close. 25:37 was a PR by over 2 minutes.

With all yearly goals it’s now time to reevaluate and set new ones. Your retirement planning is no different.

Happy Running and Happy Holidays!!